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  • Oct 12, 2012
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Five Reasons to Hire Canadian Express Collection Agency for Small Claims Court Action

1. We maintain good business-customer relations for your business.

Canadian Express Collection Agency (CECA) knows how important it is that your business maintains good customer relations. This is why our collection agency treats your customers as valuable contributors to your business’s profit base, although they may be seriously in arrears.

We employ advanced methods of debt collection to clear debts owed your business. Learning as much as possible about the debtor (your customer), in order to assess their circumstances, we then decide the most effective method to collect the debt.

Unlike many collection agencies, we do not harass your customers, use aggressive techniques nor intimidate them. Since we comprehend their circumstances, we can modify our approach to secure their cooperation in paying off the debt. Besides using debt-recovery databases, we also reach out via telephone and letter, working out payment terms beneficial to everyone. Because we take a considered approach to debt collections, we are able to succeed more frequently. CECA negotiates, not only favorable payment terms for both you and your customer, but we also help you retain their loyalty for the long term.

Despite thorough and professional efforts at collecting the debt, some customers remain resistant to the process, however respectful and reasonable the attempts have been at getting their cooperation. At this stage, CECA begins to seek legal recourse, the final step in collecting the debt. This is where we differ from many collection agencies, who litigate immediately.

2. We pay all fees for the claim action.

CECA now begins the small claims court action to get a judgment against the debtor. Having succeeded in tracking them down and securing information about their financial resources, we move through the small claims legal process to collect the debt for you. And we perform all investigative procedures up to and including the small claims court action, with no charge to you, unless we collect the debt. Because we are familiar with small claims court actions, our legal team can file the claim action paperwork efficiently and move to trial faster.

3. We work to reach a settlement before trial.

As part of the small claims action, CECA can file for a settlement conference on your behalf. We will help you present evidence to prove the debtor owes on a debt.

If terms agreeable to both litigants can be reached during this private conference, no trial is necessary, allowing you to start receiving payment from the debtor more quickly.

4. We handle claim action paperwork.

During the period surrounding the settlement conference, we file motions to strengthen your case. Our familiarity with small claims actions relieves you of the effort of gathering and submitting evidence. We do it all for you. All paperwork necessary for filing motions is handled by us. You do nothing but attend the settlement conference, which can sometimes be handled by a conference call. CECA will file claims forms, affidavits, and motions to move the small claims action forward smoothly, saving you time and effort pursuing the debt.

5. We offer comprehensive debt recovery and claim action services.

We provide exceptional debt collection services.  Using advanced debt-recovery methods, we locate the debtor, preserve their customer loyalty, work out a settlement agreement, if possible, and take care of claim action submission forms.  We work to ensure a judgment in your favor and the enforcement of it.  We help you get the debt owed and your cash flow restored.  If we fail to get you a judgment for the debt, you owe us nothing.

If you have failed to collect on a debt, let Canadian Express Collection Agency file a small claims court action for you.  Please give us a call today.  We are waiting to help you recover your money.

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