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Kingston, Ontario has a population of 123,363 people. The economy of this city relies on the public sector industry, health care, military services, education and manufacturing. All of these types of industry face debt recovery issues at one point or another and this is why collection agencies in Kingston are so vital to the survival of the cities businesses.

Kingston collection agencies are not just business people; they are artists because collection in itself is an art. Collection agents must anticipate what the client they are calling is going to say and be ready for any scenario. They must also have the ability to stay in control of the conversation. When a company ties to collect bad debt on their own, in most cases they do not have the skills to do the above things. This is why hiring Kingston debt recovery service is so vital to keeping your business afloat.

For Kingston collection agency calls to be successful, an agreement should be made by the calls end. How do Kingston debt recovery agents make a call successful? Keep reading to find out!

  • When an answering machine is reached, use a polite tone and give all possible information on the reason for your call so there is no mistake about your intentions.
  • Do not talk fast. For one thing, this makes it hard to be understood fully, and for another, people may feel that you are trying to get over on them by speaking quickly.
  • Keep things professional and be courteous.
  • If the debt ower is not the one to answer and you must leave a message, never say you are calling to collect a debt. Instead, say it is in reference to an invoice. This will make it more likely that they will call you back.

The most important things to keep in mind when calling to collect a debt is to get conformation that the person can be reached at that number and find out the best time to get in touch with them later. Always write down the name of the person to whom you spoke for later reference if needed.

When you hire a Kingston collection agency, they will also give you tips to prevent further incidences of bad debt. Here are some common tips that the Kingston debt recovery agency will give you:

  • Always check a customer credit history.
  • Always have all agreements in writing as oral agreements may not stand up in a court of law.
  • Never wait more than a month to turn over bad debt to a Kingston collection agency.

If you follow these tips and hire a good agency, your business can thrive once again!


We collect your debt anywhere in Ontario including but not limited to these areas:
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We also cover all the major cities in Ontario:

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