Canadian Express Collection Agency Inc.


Canadian Express Collection Agency Inc. is a licensed collection agency that believes in professional and courteous debt collection. Our methods have been proven effective and all of our agents are highly trained in areas of both debt collections and interpersonal skills. We know that everyone’s situation is unique, and we will go above and beyond to get you optimal results.

We understand that you need your money, so we are aggressive in our pursuit to get that to you in a timely manner. While we practice high standards through professional services, we are also very firm within the legal standards of the most recent law changes to get your funds fast.

Our primary goal is to make sure that the issue of the debt is solved.

We also aim towards successfully working with all parties involved to make sure that not only the debt, but that the relationships are all in good standing at the end of the day. You can rest assured even the most difficult debtor will be dealt with respectfully and professionally but firmly to get you results.

There are some instances where a debtor will refuse to pay or even settle the debt, and in these cases we may have to enforce collections by employing different procedures.

This is a fully staffed debt collections agency that has incorporated only the best, most experienced agents that will get the job done. We are so confident in our abilities that if we do not collect anything then you do not have to pay us anything. Our percentage rates are low upon recovery as well. Working with Canadian Express Collection Agency Inc. to resolve your debt collections just makes good sense.

We have the ability and access to use several different research and investigations techniques to track down debtors. Our company can gather a lot more information on these individuals than some of our competitors.

We can also get insight on things that may allow us the liberty of knowing which direction to take the collections case in when approaching the debtor. Our resources allow us to fluently work in unison with the creditor and the delinquent client.

We are a commercial and consumer debt collection company with a mission to collect as much of the owed funds as possible in a timely and highly professional manner. Again, if we don’t collect then you don’t pay. There are absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever. You simply get great services and results at very affordable contingency rates.

If you have accounts that you need to have collected, or if you still have questions please call our friendly and informative professionals at 416-900-6036.

We look forward to serving you.