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Maybe it is debt that makes the world go around.  All national governments owe money.  In Canada the public debt at this time is in excess of $540 billion.  As a share of this debt, each person in Canada, every man, woman and child, owes over $17,000.  Almost every business owes money.  Finally, almost every adult owes money, either credit cards, unsecured loans, car loans, or mortgages.

It would be nice if all contracts were honored, and all debts paid as agreed.  That does not happen.  Businesses and consumers can be caught up in declining revenue.  For a business, it would be a decrease in sales or profitability.  For an individual, it could be a reduction in pay or being laid off.  In both of these cases, it might not be the fault of the business or the individual.  Technologies and the culture change.  People get divorced or experience medical problems.

In all of these cases, there must be a procedure to recover as much as possible of the debt owed.  This burden is shouldered by Ontario debt collection agency.  Such agencies contract with banks, businesses, and individuals to assist them in collecting delinquent accounts receivables and loans.

Ontario debt collection agencies bring the expertise, training and experience to handle these past due accounts to the maximum advantage of their clients.  The collection process is heavily regulated by the individual provinces.  There is no national legislation concerning collection activities. Agencies of  Ontario Debt Collection have the legal knowledge to avoid violating the rights of debtors, which can result in substantial penalties.

A further advantage of using Ontario debt collection agencies is that unless they recover money, they are not paid.  The amount of this contingency fee is negotiated between the creditor and the collection agency.

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