Canadian Express Collection Agency Inc.

Legal Action

We, at Canadian Express, always strive to settle disputes or unpaid debts so that legal action will not be necessary. Regrettably, there are some debtors who still refuse to pay even after receiving phone calls from a collection agency such as ours. In the event that legal action is necessary, we have an in-house lawyer who is prepared to commence legal action on your behalf. Specializing in commercial collections, the legal staff of our in-house law office will approach your debtor from the legal point of view not allowed to traditional collection agencies.

We also collect monies owing on judgments. We can locate the debtor and his or her assets. Then, by using certain legal tools that are available (i.e., judgment debtor examinations, garnishments and liens) we can collect the debt.

We are able to provide you with this cutting-edge service at a low contingency rate. There is no hourly fee. The legal fee is covered by your commission fee. Only court costs along with the usual commission rates are payable.