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Someone owes you money and you are dissatisfied with the way your debtor is behaving.  they ignore your demands.  They are not responding to your calls, written demands and e-mails…all forms of communication are met with a deafening silence.  You decide to make several more calls and to send a few more written demands and still nothing.

Depending on the debt level, and how well you know you debtor, you need to determine your level of trust on this matter, and how soon you need to take action, because in debt collection the sooner the better.  “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  Then, you should determine whether this is a collection matter you can handle on your own, or whether you should retain the services of a Canada collection agency.  You want to, and need to, act as efficiently and swiftly as you can, to protect your rights and to ensure that you collect what is rightfully yours.  However, there are many acts in the collection of debt that are illegal and put you at risk of being charged criminally.  This is one of the reasons why a Canada collection agency is usually the best answer.  They can step in for you, in an aggressive, but civil manner, which can prove to be swift, efficient, and profitable for you.

One mistake creditors often make is to delay in taking action against a debtor.  They try to be kind and understanding, but often it is the creditor who moves quickly who is the most successful in protecting its money.  A debtor may have many creditors and you may become one of many in a long line of creditors.  A collection agency in Canada knows the fastest and most efficient ways to determine a debtor’s ability to repay your debt, and how best to pursue him.  Creditors have many legal rights against their debtors, but debtors have many legal rights protecting them from overly aggressive creditors, to the point that the creditors may be not only criminally charged, but also putting them at risk of being sued by the debtors and having to pay penalties or damages to them.

Collection agencies in Canada are well versed in the law.  They know how quickly to act, how aggressive they can be, and how to best treat debtors so that they can work cooperatively with the collection agency of Canada  to get your money returned to you.  Delay is generally a poor strategy for a creditor.  Do not delay. Act as quickly as you can to get a fast, efficient collection agency Canada to work on your behalf.

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