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There was a time when people carried only cash.  If they wanted to make a large purchase, they needed to take a large amount of money to the store.  Then came the era of checks, which did save the world from carrying cash, but had many other disadvantages.  Anyone could use your check by forging a signature.  In addition, for those people with difficulty keeping track of their bank balance, there were checks bouncing.

Then, the credit card came into use.  Prior to 1949 there had been cards limited to particular stores who used the cards to build loyalty, and improve customer service. In 1949, the Diners Club Card was introduced.  In 1958 the American Express Card was introduced.  In 1966 the Visa Card and MasterCard were issued for the first time.  The credit card era had finally arrived, and almost everyone started to use these cards.  Simple to carry, easy to use, and even if it was stolen or lost, a quick phone call to the bank would stop the continuing use of the card.

The result of the growth of credit card use, was that people could be laid off, be unable to work because of illness, get a divorce, and other similar paths to owing debt that they could not pay.  These resulted in a large amount of delinquent accounts.

The banks who issued these cards turned to the professionals at Canada collection agencies.  The business of the banks was banking.  It was not to spend an enormous amount of time attempting to collect on small delinquent accounts.  It is the business of collection agencies to on a daily basis work with the people who have gone into delinquency status.

Such collection agencies will send out a letter informing the person that they are representing the lender.  There will also be phone calls.  They treat all parties with respect.  There are several reasons for this.  First, Canada collection agencies believe that all people deserve respect.  Second, they would like the debtor to remain, if possible, a client of the lender.  Finally, treating people with respect results in a better recovery.

Most people in debt want to pay their bills.  Sometimes, they just cannot.  These collection agencies will attempt to put together an agreed plan with the debtor to pay all or part of the money owed. For more information visit Canada Collection Service provider.

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