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Welcome to the Canadian Express Collection Agency. We are your friendly professional debt collections agents that are here to serve you. If we do not recover anything then you won’t pay anything. That is how much we believe in our procedures, and it is also fundamental proof of how much we value each client that we enter into a contract with.

All contingency fees are clearly outlined concerning the sums that will be recovered for the client and also of how much money will be paid to CECA. There are never any surprise fees or last minute terms changes. CECA is a company that you can count on time and time again for your debt collection needs.

While you as a creditor may be unable to get your money or even locate an absconded client we know how to find information to track them, and your money, down using skip tracing. The technology that we use to track the debtors down is very advanced, and we are always utilizing the most effective and recent methods to get the job done and the debts settled.

The debtor is notified about the debt in a timely manner, and our agents are firm enough to get you funds for the debts owed. They will have adequate and fair time to respond, and results are normally very favorable. This is because the agents on staff with CECA are professionally trained not only in how to deal with delinquent accounts but with the people involved as well. After all, many of them simply fell upon hard times.

If the account is not paid within a fair and timely manner the debtor will be promptly reported to the credit bureaus. A negative mark will be reported on their credit reports through Equifax and Transunion, and this will hinder their efforts in the future to obtaining any type of credit until they have settled their delinquency with you.

CECA is a professional, commercial and consumer collection agency. We would love the opportunity to professionally recover the debts owed to you in a timely manner. If you have any questions or comments please contact Canadian Express Collection Agency at 416-900-6036.

CECA, offering services that you can count on.