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  • Jun 26, 2014
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The Various Ways in Which Collection Agency Can Help In the Management of Accounts Receivables of Your Business

Do you own or manage a business in Ontario, Canada? If yes, you should consider hiring a collection agency to help you manage the accounts receivables of your business. Following up payments from customers is considered by many to be the most frustrating undertakings in any business. However, to a collection agency, it is its business. When you feel that the task of collecting counts receivables for your business is becoming too much, it’s the time to seek the help and assistance of a collection agency.

How do you find the best collection agency? This is the starting point. There are many collection agencies in Canada but their reputation, level of professionalism, reliability and other factors differ. Thus, you need to do research and evaluation if you want to make the right choice. In addition to the information at the collection agency’s website, ensure that you ask for references and read reviews.

Although some recently established collection agencies can still do a great job, it will be better if you work with an experienced and well established one, which has a profile of helping businesses in your province or territory collect accounts receivables on time. There will be a principal-agent relationship between you and the collection agencies. Thus, the actions of the collection agency bind you, and have an impact on your relationship with customers and the public in general.

The professional collection agencies will generally consult their principal (the business that has hired them) before they take any action. Remember that the debtor is protected by the law just the way you are, and arbitrary actions may expose you to the risk of legal action by the aggrieved parties. Thus, the collection agency must strike the balance between being tough, so as to ensure that the customer pays, and being careful not to damage the business relationship that exists between the business and the debtor.

If you act in person, there is high likelihood that the pressure that you exert on the debtor may put your relationship in a precarious situation. If you use third party agent, which has the professionalism and experience required to handle matters of accounts receivables collection, then you will be able to maintain good public image while ensuring that the debtors pay in time so as to maintain sufficient cash flow and operating system for your business.

Best of all, the collection agency, in undertaking the task of collecting accounts receivables for your business, will enable you to concentrate on more important matters of your business. Any business that cares for its customers and at the same time want to reduce the incidences and cases of bad debts should seriously consider hiring a collection agency.

Some of the collection agencies based in Canada have trans-boundary operations and can help recover money owed by various debtors across the world including those in the United States. In addition to the foregoing, the benefits to the business far much outweigh the cost of hiring collection agency because it will get its remuneration by taking some percentage out of the amount that it has recovered.


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